Monday, January 6, 2014

New Blog

Hi guys,

Welcome to my new blog. 

Not sure what happened with the old one but my access was revoked.  Oh well - I was sort of looking for a new blog anyway.  I wasn't happy with the Weebly software to be honest so it's pretty cool to be on Blogger.  They make it so much easier - especially when Google took over.

What I like is that writing blog posts is really no frills.  It's awesome.  It's like writing in Microsoft Word.  A lot better than the disaster that was Weebly that involved so much work just to bloody write anything.

If you're new here then I'll be reviewing the video games I play each week.  I mostly play XBox 360 although I'm not a fanboy - I have a solid gaming PC, PS3 and Wii.  Also lots of old systems with lots of games that I will never play but can't bear to get rid of.

Hey who knows - maybe one day I'll hook up my old PS2 and play that copy of Bad Boys which is still in shrink wrap!

I'm currently playing the following games:

Football Manager 2014: A soccer management simulator for the PC.  I went Liverpool in it and am hoping to lead them to glory.

Tropico 4: For the Xbox 360.  Great simulation game and I'm absolutely hooked on it.  Well worth the $20 I paid for the Gold Edition which came with DLC.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Ugh, I just can't wait for that game to be over.  There's no substance to it.  If it wasn't for achievements I would've given it up a long time ago.

That's it for now - I also picked up Sleeping Dogs for free with Games with Gold.  Funny as I bought that LAST YEAR in the Boxing Day sales and it was still sitting here in shrink wrap.  Managed to sell it for $10.

Soon as I am done Modern Warfare 3 I think I may start Hitman 2.  We shall see.

Anyway I just wanted to get a new blog post up.